The life of a University of Florida student


As a student at the University of Florida’s college of Journalism and Communications I have so many opportunities available to me. One in particular is the Center for Media Innovation and Research. The CMIR offers students a place to study and collect research for projects. I have spent a lot of time studying and researching in the AHA lab.  It has such a great atmosphere, making it the place to go even if you want to just relax. While being a Telecommunications major I have spent most of my time in the Innovation News Center. Working for the radio station Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM and for the news station at WUFT I have gained so much knowledge about how much effort it takes to make these stations work.


A day in the life of a communications major can be a little hectic. As a reporter there is never a dull moment I am constantly learning.  I am always on the go, researching, interviewing, shooting video, writing and editing for the news can be a lot to handle. But to listen to the stories of people whose voices are not heard can be very touching. One of my favorite stories I ever did was about the homeless shelter. These are the people who need so much and they were some of the kindest and sweetest individuals.

It is days like this when you realize why it is so important for you to let everyone’s voice be heard.


Review-The Tipping Point


The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell changed my perception of the world. Gladwell breaks down our human interactions and shows how without each personality type our world would not function the same way.
Gladwell points out that we do not try to seek out friends, however, we make friends with people who are in our own environment. People who have friends all over and link us to different social circles are what Gladwell calls the “connectors”. The closer someone is to a connector the more involved they will be and eventually they will become more influential themselves. “Mavens” are the people who have all of the information; Gladwell compares a Maven to a teacher. The Maven provides the message, and then the connectors spread the message. Someone that Gladwell calls the salesman then convinces us what we are hearing is true which further encourages the word of mouth. We have all seen encounters of this type of interaction. I thought about when I was in high school and a girl would start a rumor (the maven), another girl would pass it on to all of her friends (the connector), and another girl would convince people it was true (the salesman). Thinking about when graduate from college most students seek out a connector to help them land a job. I can think of so many more instances of where the maven, connector, and salesman occur in our world but why haven’t I analyzed it in this light before?
Gladwell explains, “The impetus to engage in a certain kind of behavior is not coming from a certain kind of person but from a feature of the environment.” He uses examples of crime and says that like fashion, crime is also just a trend. One person breaking into a house can start an epidemic of robberies and other crimes. And just as quickly as it starts it can also stop, as easily as making a few arrests. The tendencies people have are simply a product of their environment. People tend to look only at others actions and do not examine the circumstances and context of what is going on around that person.  I know that people are a product of their environments but I never would have associated crime as a trend.  Crime rates drop and rise throughout the years but I never would have thought to contribute that to a trend.  It all makes since though, at certain times crimes are popular just like in fashion a certain item is popular.  Gladwell pieces this information together in a way that has truly opened my eyes.
Gladwell says, in order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create small movements first. As humans we can only retain so much information. When we know people well we see their ability to remember and recall a certain kind of information. When we want to get a message across, create a movement, or become a best-selling author you have to get the right people to translate the message so that everyone else can understand. If your message is interpreted the right way through the mavens, connectors, and salesman then it will become the next trend. “There is a simple way to package information that, under the right circumstances, can make it irresistible. All you have to do is find it.”
Gladwell has a skill for looking into our human characteristics and simplifying the way we function. He says, before we make since of social epidemics we must first understand that how we communicate and process information is messy and unusual. ““Tipping Points are a reaffirmation of the potential for change and the power of intelligent action.”


Classmates Part 2


In the last post I showed you some of my classmates versions of their blogs and today I will continue to do the same.

Ashley Mondesir’s blog is a trendy but money conscious site about fashion.  In one of her blogs she shows a killer pair of heels that she found at a discounted price.  I am all about style and I love shopping for clothes.  Like in Ashley’s blog I also love finding great deals!  One piece of advice from Ashley is, “Little do some people know, that sometimes it is the smallest things like a cute belt, earrings, or purse that can put an outfit together.”  And I completely agree!

Jesse Pagan has a great blog dedicated to movie reviews.  In his blog review of Thor: The Dark World he says, “…the sequel to Thor is just as fulfilling for all of us die hard comic fans.”  I really enjoyed watching this movie and his review only emphasizes how great the effects, acting and writing were for the film  (Don’t worry I won’t give anything away… I’ll let you see for yourself)  And although I had no interest in seeing The Lego Movie I just might have to watch it after reading Jesse’s review. 

Dana Winter’s blog shows the day in the life of a sorority girl.  I found her blog hilarious.  With blog titles like Happy Single Awareness Week, How Not to Behave on a Date Function…, and Breakups for Beginners: GDI Style how could you not laugh?  In the post Breakups for Beginners: GDI Style Dana says, “The best thing about a breakup with a GDI (someone who isn’t greek) is that no one in Greek life probably cares.”  I thought this was so funny, she even goes on to say you don’t have to worry about running into him and his friends because yours and his don’t intermingle.  Since I am not in a sorority it gave me an insight of what happens during events and about life as a Greek.



One of my classmates, Alexandra Rivera has started her own website about her ambitions of becoming a news journalist.  Being a reporter is not always an easy job, there are many difficulties you can face and she outlines some of these.  She also, keeps up with the news and the trends of the day.  You can really see the passion in her blogs and know that this is truly what she was meant to do.

Another classmate Elizabeth Beisel has a website dedicated to staying healthy and fit.  It is very inspirational and even made me want to start eating healthier and exercising more.  The meals look delicious!  They even have recipes along with them so I may have to make some of my own!

Keighly Chambers site has everything you basically need to know to look good!  There’s recipes, fitness, make-up tutorials, and how to spruce up your place.  She also shows what it is like in the day of a news reporter.  Her wide range of interests keep her blog interesting and fun.  You never know what she’s going to talk about next.

A little about me :)


My name is Savannah Olinger.  I am currently a Senior at the University of Florida.  I am majoring in Telecommunications.  I would like to work either in radio, TV, or doing public relations for a company.  I am hard-working, detail oriented, and I love to organize.  I love being outdoors, on the beach, riding my horse Riley, or just going for a walk down the street with my dogs Roxy and Mason.  I am excited to be out in the real world soon and see what opportunities are in my future.

My Resume –Savannah Olinger

If you like the outdoors as well my blog on the Butterfly Rainforest may interest you.



Kissing the Bull Gator is a tradition for Seniors.  It is a way to reflect back on our time at the University of Florida.  It’s also good luck for our future in the career world.  After us Gators leave we all know that the Bull Gator is waiting for us to come back to cheer on our future Gators!

KissGatorLearn more about the history of the Gators.